Jura Observatory
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Main building
The main building is composed of a conference room, a computer room and material room.

The tower contains on its upper floor the 610mm Bernard Comte Telescope on which is fixed a 160mm coronograph. Downstrairs, you could find our planetarium.

The main room is a conference hall which can contain up to 50 people. A multimedia equipment allows us to give presentations in good conditions. A book/video library give the visitors a better view in astronomy.

The computers room is the command center of the TBC61 telescope. We can pilote it, take pictures directly from this place.

An additional room was previously designed for a photo lab, but with the new numerical photo devices, it never took this function and it is now used to make coffee or prepare some lunch for night observations.
Tower and main dome

The tower is 8 meters high for a diameter of 5 meters. Its outer wall is covered with corrugated iron to create a ventilation by convection in order to avoid the heating of the tower that would create disturbances for the observations. Moreover, since the telescope is placed upstairs (5 meters high), we avoid a large part of the earth thermic radiation as well.

There are three main instruments : the TBC61 telescope, the 160mm coronagraph and the planetarium.

Both the dome and the opening are motorized.
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